December 09, 2011

How to live without money - Frugal Living - SHTF - Hope


I have devoted my life, for over ten years now, to growing and preserving food for the winter.

I used to have a real job, he worked days and I worked nights. Always too tired, we ate out to save time shopping, cooking and cleaning. We did this for one year. At tax time we realized that we paid more to taxes and childcare than my salary. Meals out, and my wardrobe, car and its expenses only further exposed the foolishness of our lifestyle.

My job now is to reduce the need for cash. It is necessary to remove unnecessary expenses from your budget. But don't be caught up in the bondage of frugality. It is great to get dish soap for a dollar a bottle, but not if you don't like how it works. Worst if you have lots of soap but nothing to eat. Cheap food is processed foods where value is exchanged for profit. Or worse yet, with coffee and chocolate, slaved people pay the real cost of your purchase.

How do I do it? There is no solution in the consumer world. The secret is in the natural world. It has always been here for us, existing without our participation. Take your rightful place on the planet, take her hand, she is here to freely provide for your needs.
Where to start? 

Keep posted, peace for all

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  1. We found the same to be true when first married and with two incomes. Mice in a wheel .. then add a baby and ... the second job is not worth the effort. We had to move to another state .. get out of our mortgaged home and rent for a few years adapting to one income. That was 28 years ago. Downsizing to one income afforded/forced us to live within our means. It meant making every dollar count and finding ways to be thrifty. We don't have to conform to the whacked out world's system. Not everyone needs an expensive college education; there I said it :) Something that's bugged me for years.