December 09, 2011

SHTF Prepper Link Tips for Surviving Homestead

I am glad to see people are starting to wake up to the need to prepare for the future.

Buying and saving food is only a short-term solution. Guns will only get you so far without an alliance, pharmaceuticals could be non existent, and electronics useless.

As a longtime homesteader my priority is on being able to produce what we need where we live. For a homestead to be truly productive and effective it should be a community of more than 2 families.

People do not want to leave what they have now, and live like it is tomorrow, in order to be prepared.  It is hard to leave the dreamy warm bed of electronics, money and luxury to face reality.

Excellent Advice Here

"If only I could go back in time to when I could have" can be adverted, do what you can today!  The world is trying to become a better place, are you doing your part to help it out?

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