December 13, 2011

SHTF survival preppers and homesteaders unite

Seems to me if the homesteaders and preppers unite we could work together to survive what lies ahead.

Just saying, would love to start a dialogue about this.  Peace


    I worry so that you seem to think things will be so bleak

  2. Is there a difference between preppers and homesteaders? We are doing similar things but maybe for different reasons?? Homesteader implies learning how to provide for your family with out a lot of outside input. Prepper seems more buy it and store it. Gardens vs guns.
    Your previous post about SHTF prepper got me thinking about being better prepared ie water storage, food, medical backups-whether it be for widespread civil unrest or just one mother of an icestorm!

  3. thanks Kris somehow I knew you would totally understand what I am getting at here. You sure have come a looong way in one season, success and pride are earned!

    John I hope you and I are both worrying for nothing - thinking of you in your sorrow, sending lovely thoughts - peace

  4. A few years ago, at my previous job, one of the cleaning ladies and I were talking about gardens, and she said that her pastor had recommended that everyone who could should plant at least one fruit tree and start a garden, in preparation for the hard times ahead. After really looking at the economy, he was concerned for his little flock, and he recommended an action that could help.

    Since then, hard times have hit so many people - it turns out he had offered some good advice to his congregation.

    The future is hard to predict; it's OK to worry a little, as long as the worry leads to positive action. No one can be ready for every eventuality, but being a little prepared, a little more resilient for when things don't go so well, is a good thing. My family has been working on some of this, too. Reliable, clean water is next on the list.