December 08, 2011

SHTF Preppers How to Survive the Future Living Without Money Freedom Natural Activitiy

While googling "preppers" I had to learn a new acronym SHTF.  It took me a little to catch it but I think it stands for Shit Hits The Fan.  The poor preppers are asking for old Mother Earth News magazines, survival retreat colonies desperate for information on how to prepare for the future.  The wealthy ones want to know where to buy the safest place and the necessary supplies.

I wish I could tell them what I know.  The first thing to know is THE SHIT HAS HIT THE FAN, we are now in the midst of a shit storm.  If you have an evacuation plan use it.  Do what you know to do - whether it is taking care of the helpless and buying seeds to grow next year - now is the time to do it!

Natural activity makes this life possible
Natural activity is putting our thoughts and dreams in motion
By overcoming our shortcomings and forging ahead,
our bodies can take us to all the places of our imagination. 

The second thing preppers need to know, is  living without money is trial and error.  You don't have the skills to assume you will be able to support your self in one season.  Even if you build the perfect chicken coup, you probably will have to build it again in a better place or similarly you could buy awesome hens only to have them taken by a predator over night  or you could buy lots of seeds only to have none of them sprout  or buy a place only to find out the water is no good.

Don't give up and don't expect money will solve a thing, because it won't.

Fear of the unknown is always prevalent but preparing for the future and its children is bravery.   At the beginning when all the choices are yours it is easy to make mistakes, it is natural to "try on different shoes" until you get a perfect fit. But once those initial choices are made, you join the secret society of nature.   She calls the shots, shows you opportunities, mistakes and the path of least resistance for the most gain.  You will feel that relief you are longing for, and life will bloom in the natural peace and abundance that is their birthright.


  1. I found this post a bit confusing. It seemed to contradict itself...I think?

  2. It's going to be interesting isn't it.

    "Adversity is like a strong wind. It tears away from us all but the things that cannot be torn, so that we see ourselves as we really are." - Arthur Golden

  3. I've read it takes ten years to learn how to live off the land .. probably longer in my view as it's taken me 4 years to even get a grasp of gardening, canning, soap making, knitting, etc. I admire your hard work and drive to be as self sufficient as possible.

  4. Mr H. You always know just what to say! :)
    Mrs. Mac i so appreciate your encouragement.
    becky precisely ;)