February 18, 2012

2012 Event - Food Shortage - SHTF - Surviving the Future - Hope

  It is no secret I am anticipating an event.

I am a farmer, gardener and forager in the most abundant place on earth, please hear my words, there will not be enough food next winter.  The unprecedented weather activity this year will create havoc with food production.  Frost, flood and fire take time to recover from.

Last year, the vine which usually gives over 800 pounds of grapes, gave none - why?  The fruit did not ripen.  Some fruit  did not produce because a late frost killed the tender buds.  Most crops here were a write off and I have only filled the top of my fridge's freezer with food. Normally we go through a x-large freezer during the winter.

 All my turkey flock is gone after 10 years, the last one 2 to bears. The bears, which are now 2 year old cubs and their mom (400 pounds at least), have demolished much of the orchard. The snakes and weasels have been getting my chicks and eggs.

We got 50 turkey chicks year but they all died one at time over a month period.  Because of this the breeder no longer supplies them rendering them extinct.  The replacement breed chick costs $10 each chick.  Chicken chicks are $5 each.  Ten years ago, they sold for $1.

There were over 594 earthquakes (over 4) this month.  I have been following this daily for years, and I can tell you the number is on the rise like never before.  Magnetic shift, jet stream split, EMPs, GMOs, . . . .And let's not get started about how the infrastructure of this modern world is collapsing . . .

The only way to prepare for the future is to start preparing for the future.  Survival starts in your kitchen and yard.  It is not a worry, it is to be free of worry.  Keep following this blog, and my friends blogs listed to the right on this page, to learn how.

 Do not be afraid of the future. 
There is nothing to fear. 
Living as freely as nature intended is immeasurably satisfying. 

The world is still trying to be a wonderful place,
 are you doing your part? 


  1. Yes ... there seems an urgency to not waste, make better use of current food supplies, stock, store, squirrel away food, cash, water, etc. You always have such good info here to help/encourage your readers to GET an emergency plan in place and to learn a new/old skill.

    Your animal-food loss is not a good sign. Even the bears are hungrier with less to eat in the woods. It's pretty hard to keep them out of your garden/yard.

    What are your thoughts on all the freeze dried foods with 30 year shelf life? I'm not ready to commit to that as I'm storing/stocking up on homemade goods and am not sure about factory produced food ingredients.

  2. I too, am convinced there is going to be a serious food shortage the coming year, this mild (or nonexistent) winter we've had is going to assure that pests will be a serious issue along with all the other things you've listed. I'm known as somewhat crazy for my food stash among other things, but we'll see who is crazy when friends are complaining about the price of fresh food or lack of it and my canning shelves are full... although I will have to deal with pests too, at least I have the option of keeping a sharp eye out on my own garden and harvesting early if needed. Take care, Ruth - I've been busy and not commenting much but still read your posts they are always very informative and motivating :)

  3. It's ironic that when people live in far-flung rural areas, so they can have animals and grow crops, they are also providing food for every hungry predator for miles around. My place is Raccoon Central. There's always at least one dead raccoon on the highway between my place and the river. After many years, though, we've managed to build pens that keep the chickens safe. They can't free-forage, though, or the hawk and coyotes would have them. I'm just eternally grateful that we don't have bears. Those are like raccoons on steroids.

    Sorry about your turkeys. One of the reasons chick and poult prices are higher here is that more people are buying them for backyard projects, but I haven't heard of any livability problems.

    Good luck with your poultry endeavors this year.

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  5. Thanks for leaving such encouraging comments, we really are all in the same boat! it was awesome to hear you girls, peace