February 20, 2012

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The reason we don’t eat at home is we don’t know how to cook.  Homecooking is a lost art, with an unfair stigma, mainly because it doesn’t produce money but it can quickly turn your life around.  It drastically reduces packaging and the pollution that creates, it vitalizes and heals your body, nurtures your loved ones, conserves money and enables you gain control of the security of your food in these uncertain times.

Steaks, chops, boneless chicken pieces and bacon are easy to cook in a frying pan.  Turn the burner on high to get your frying pan hot before adding your meat.  Meat closest to a bone will always take longest to cook, so put it in the center on the pan.  Make a cut into the fat on steak and chops to keep the meat from curling.  Continue on high for a few minutes until you hear the fat spatter.  Then turn temperature down to medium for a few minutes.  When you see blood on the top of the meat, turn it over for a few more minutes.  Sprinkle with parsley or savory and salt and pepper to taste. 

You will know when meat is done when you press it with the bottom of a fork and the juices come out clear.  Roasted birds are done when the cooked leg pulls away from the body and the juices run clear.  The meat of cooked hamburger, pork or chicken should not be pink, not even at the bone.

Hamburgers are made by forming plain ground beef into patties.  They are cooked in a frying pan the same way.  Burgers are only ready to flip when the bottom is firm enough to turn over without loosing the shape of the burger.  Remember, once the meat has cooked, use a clean flipper or fork other than the one you used for the raw meat.

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