February 07, 2012

Benefits to Cooking at Home - SHTF - How to Surivive the Future - Natural Health Care - How to Maintain Health

The sole purpose of your body is to maintain health.  The modern store bought diet and the use of chemicals to heal and clean, have disrupted the body’s natural responses and healing abilities.  Allergies, irrational cravings, lethargic ambition, and raging anger and debilitating malaise are signals of contamination.  When we keep our bodies away from the diet we were designed, for we can only run on reserves for so long then deterioration setting us up for chronic illnesses and unable to ward off future health problems.

It is imperative for vitality and longevity to consume foods as fresh and natural as possible.  By gorging on fresh organically produced food preserved when it is naturally ripe, we can match our diet the seasonal nutritional needs of our bodies.  By eating for health and avoiding chemicals we can build strong bodies and ward off deterioration.

Fermented foods, like vinegar, pickles and yogurt are very important to health and must be included daily to a human diet to keep invasive bacteria at bay.  Nuts and seeds are vital to obtain optimum nutrition and they are essential to rid the body of parasites. 
Essential oils are also extremely effective to overcome negative bacteria, parasites and viruses.  Derived from nature plant based remedies work as ideal nourishment to restore and maintain a healthy body.

Invisibly we are a cosmos of bacteria, virus and parasite all competing for the resources in our bodies.  They can help heal or kill us, some work as our allies and some not.  Sickness is not so much precluded because by foreign invaders ones as it is the lack of effectiveness of native force.  It is in your favour to create the conditions to allow those who work for good benefit to prosper and overpower the others.  Don’t sit passively as invasive forces slowly break you down.

No matter what happened in the world today, every person needed to eat.  The next few posts will be a crash course in where to begin to always be able to have food to eat.

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  1. This month I started soaking the whole grain flours I grind and use in bread making .. One step at a time .. learning a new 'old' method to enrich the health of my family.