March 02, 2009

come on spring . . . .

after such pretty summer pictures i thought i would show you what it really looks like in my front yard today, peace all

BUY SEED FOR YOUR GARDEN NOW - there will surely be a food shortage next winter


  1. Hi Rose -I found you! You leave such great comments, i wanted to reciprocate-but I think you need to have a profile to link people to your site. Where do you guys live-I thought we had alot of snow! I did buy a download of your book-books are better but there is nothing like instant gratification.

  2. wow - i am so excited - you will be the first person to read my book, no even a proof reader, so i hope you won't be disappointed - thanks for the tip about the profile - i am new to this but learning - you made my day - peace

  3. Hi Rose
    What a beautiful picture. Looks like you have tons of snow too!
    But I hear ya......I want spring now too!

  4. It looks so cold!!! Wish we got some snow down here in Texas! Thanks for commenting on my blog. :)