March 23, 2009

Food Security

Ruralrose said...
You can raise meat and milk for personal consumption. But you can't sell it or give it away with out government inspection. Cows and goats all have to be registered with the government who monitors their health from birth to table. With the scare of bird flu the government is "discouraging" free run farm birds in favor of factory farm barns. People that sell feed are approached by those in authority to tell who they are selling to in an effort to find unregistered animals. You need a license to grow some plants, now i see you need one for wolfberry, probably because someone has a patent of a some pharmacological use for it. You have to be government licensed to sell organic vegetables. Well these things may be all good for the consumer except for the increased cost and reliance of a central source - they certainly give income and control to the government and take it away from the farmer. More unsettling is in my country the big chemical conglomerates are buying out small farms who can't make a living farming and using the land to raise their gmo crops with their poisonous fertilizer and herbicides. The way we live we can take care of our own, it breaks my heart we can't share with others. I am not crying out here for you to feel sorry for me, I want people to see how all this can have a negative impact on food safety and security especially for the poor. Lack of regulators and fewer sources are giving us a false sense of security for our buck. These are very personal and political matters in my world. Peace for all

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  1. It is getting harder and harder to squeeze through government regulations. Soon there won't be a thing you can buy to grow yourself as companies with cash patent increasingly ridiculous uses for entirely natural things and remove them from our domain.

    Next they'll patent air because they've found it is beneficial to breathing.

  2. You are so right ChristyACB - thank you very much for seeing my point amidst my rant - peace for all