March 21, 2009

Biodynamic Intensive Pemaculture

Am I a square foot gardener? No way, it is too fussy for me. But I started this way and it is a good way to learn what the plants look like as they grow and of course the proper spacing between plants. I also practice companion planting. I do not rotate my crops. I fertilize and stimulate grow with other plants. I collect my own seed.

My beds are 2 feet deep by 3 by 3 feet. They all have different growing conditions. In the spring I can see what food has sprouted from planting in the fall or simply from falling off the plant. I get tomatoes which come back in the spring! You know where the plant dies and the unpicked rot makes the perfect fertilizer for the seeds in grow in the spring. When the time is correct I simply sprinkle the new seed between the existing plants. Eventually these first plants will be eaten leaving room for the new ones. The trick here is to be able to recognize the all stages of the food plant.

This is a picture from last June. I had not planted in this bed for two years, - thinking it was too shaded. But look, (if you click the picture it will grow), carrots, parsley, potatoes, peas and a wild forget me knot. I remember now planting the peas the fall prior. Still isn't it fabulous. It only made small potatoes, but they were yummy. The carrots all went to seed, carrots from which are still in my garden. The parsley had taken over the whole bed by the fall as it has claimed it spot.

Peace for All
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  1. Those are very nice raised beds. I am trying to do that now to two areas.

    I miss my garden so bad!

  2. Plants really just want to grow don't they!
    Thanks for the comment at my post--you are right of course-I won't try to DO too much on a 5 day 'vacation'. Kris

  3. i hear you about missing the garden - the plants, the bugs, the noise - i really mourn it in the winter
    We all just want to grow don't we!
    Peace for all

  4. Funny how the simplest ideas elude us...I never thought of just leaving the plant to die in its spot, and that new would replace it. I was always so worried about fall clean-up. Great idea!

  5. Hi Sue - i have taken the liberty to simplify it a bit to much in my description as i do fit my bedding plants in and pull out any extra plants to give others room (not a problem because i collect my own seed, if people ever saw how much seed comes from one plant they would never buy seed again). Some gardeners also believe in crop rotation where different plants are grown in the same spot to stop soil fungi problems - which i never have had. They don't rotate in nature. thanks for the compliment - peace for all