March 26, 2009

Here Comes the Sun . . . doot in do . . .

Try as I might I can't get this picture to be last but there it is - this is my yard on the perfect day!

I love the idea of showing the view from your front window - so here it is - do you see the lake view?

This what my garden looks like today. The sun is shining and it is melting fast. I even saw a butterfly today, some new birds and the squirrels are noisy once more. Once I get the bats and sounds of frogs at night I am as happy as a girl can get. I miss the life of the outdoors so much all winter all I do is pine for it.


  1. Breathtaking setting! I can see why you love your little corner of this earth! kris

  2. Thanks Kris - yes i think of all i am the luckiest - peace for all

  3. These pictures are wonderful. What a truly beautiful place you have. I would hate to leave even for a few hours. Thanks for sharing. And good luck with the snow. Mine's just about done.

  4. Your view is spectacular and it does look ever so peaceful. Now we've both seen the view from each other's house. Seems almost like shaking hands!

    Thanks for the tip on the bread. I'm going to do some experimenting this weekend and I'll let you know.


  5. Thanks Christy and Sue - i do love it here and i only leave once a month for groceries - seems so odd but i enjoy it my existence here that much - so as much as my footprint is small i am a hedonist at heart, lol - I too feel as if by sharing our views we can share our hearts - peace for all

    BTW - Christy i see you sure had no problem standing your ground with agrarian grrl, not an easy feat for most i would think, interesting debate you must be very bright, peace

  6. Thanks for the encouragement with my agrarian girl debate! I know it is easy to just go to a different page and not look, but sometimes I just can't! LOL....