March 19, 2009

Food security what can you do?

Hello all, will be a quick note today as so busy here. If you haven't started your tomatoes, onions, peppers, and eggplant do it now to have them to eat next fall. Some people will have a hard time finding food next winter I fear. Not everyone has to grow everything, joining with your friends and share with each other. If you click the link it with take you to a little video about food security.

About the eggs: the smallest one is from the store, the largest one turned out to be a triple yolker, the medium one is an average size for my girls.

Oh yes I must advertise my e-book again as it is all about food security in these modern times.

There are a few pages there so you can preview the book.

If you knew me personally you would know I am not a doomsayer. I am a very positive person. Today I am positive we all had better prepare for the winter ahead. Peace for all.


  1. I'm not a doomsday chick, but i am worried as well. I hope I haven't started too late-or made a mistake in staying in town!
    BTW - when you said that in BC you are not allowed to raise livestock for personal consumption-please elaborate! Kris

  2. Triple yolks? My goodness, you must be spoiling your girls! :)

  3. You can raise meat and milk for personal consumption. But you can't sell it or give it away with out government inspection. Cows and goats all have to be registered with the government who monitors their health from birth to table. With the scare of bird flu the government is "discouraging" free run farm birds in favor of factory farm barns. People that sell feed are approached by those in authority to tell who they are selling to in an effort to find unregistered animals. You need a license to grow some plants, now i see you need one for wolfberry, probably because someone has a patent of a some pharmacological use for it. You have to be government licensed to sell organic vegetables. Well these things may be all good for the consumer except for the increased cost and reliance of a central source - they certainly give income and control to the government and take it away from the farmer. More unsettling is in my country the big chemical conglomerates are buying out small farms who can't make a living farming and using the land to raise their gmo crops with their poisonous fertilizer and herbicides. The way we live we can take care of our own, it breaks my heart we can't share with others. I am not crying out here for you to feel sorry for me, I want people to see how all this can have a negative impact on food safety and security for the poor. These are very personal and political matters in my world. Peace for all

  4. I can not see the book? How do I do that?

  5. Hi Pamela I will set it up better in the next post. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. You sure do know how to use that camera of yours! Peace for all

  6. Hey Sue - you bet my girls are spoiled. They produce, for years, an egg every other day for me. I put them in the garden when it is infested with unwanted bugs or weeds and they clean it up pronto. They sit on their eggs in the spring and raise the chicks to adult. Fried chicken is excellent eating. They make fertilizer and aerate the soil. They kill mice. They are warm affection and loyal pets who like to be pet and doted on, so i do. Peace for all