April 05, 2009

Did you know I love chickens?!

In my many days I have cared for many birds. It started with a blue budgie, Buddy, who as a teenager would ride on my shoulder when i went bike riding. Then there was her girl friend who was called Canary. Why you may ask? She was a yellow budgie and would follow my dog around on the carpet picking up seeds he would shed from outside, one the dog accidentally (we all so it happen) turned and stepped on her tail. From there parakeets, raised families of finches, doves, and even a lovely Patagonian Concure but my favorite by far are chicken hens. Get to know them and you become their favorite too. I write some about chicken antics in my book but it needs to be said right here and now it is very easy to raise chickens and have fresh eggs everyday. There is no need for recreational birds in my life now and my chickens and turkeys work for their place here, and without them my place here would lack the joy they bring to it. World meet food, food meet world, love each other. Peace for all

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1 comment:

  1. I do like a chicken myself. They have such personality!