April 07, 2009

Monster Vegetables

It is very surprising to learn how big vegetable plants get. The first picture is one zucchini plant. The plant was probably 4' square. Can you see the broccoli? It is growing in a 3x4 bed. click on the picture to get a better look. Peace for all

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  1. It is pretty amazing. In spring everyone looks at the garden, makes nice noises, but is really thinking how small it all is. Then in summer, they're shocked at the jungle of goodness it has become.

    Veggies rock!

  2. How I envy you the warmer climate for growing vegetables and flowers! That must be a monster crop!

  3. Your turkeys are lovely.....be careful of blackhead, I almost lost Boris to it last year (his mate grace sadly died)
    I have answered your commnt about the station agent
    it IS a lovely film