April 06, 2009

Turkeys and Chickens

I thought you read my book, lol? There is are words there about blackhead. I have included all precautions I take to keep them together. In my opinion turkeys are superior for meat than chicken, because you get more meat per death. I would rather raise a turkey to 50 pounds, (and yes they do get so big you have to cut them in half to fit in the oven) than 5 chickens to 10 pounds. To me it is all about kill per pound ration, it is my personal preference. In the picture you see my brooder box, luxurious isn't it, (my husband really loves me, he really does). For three months we put the eggs we gathered in the incubator and as they hatched we added them to the brooder. The turkeys were first born. At first I was afraid to put the new chicks with them, but my fear was unfounded. The bigger birds acted like big brothers to the little ones, and the smallest were defended by the largest against any humiliation. I was totally amazed how they all get along and you will be too! They all live together happily.

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  1. Ok, ok haven't finished it!! I have a hard time curling up and getting cozy with a computer, give me a paperback anytime- guess I should have sprung for the actual book :)
    Thanks for the advice on the horse poo. We will pick up a couple truck loads and let it sit for a couple seasons. By the way --we have a meeting with real estate broker to put our house on the market. I'm a little intimidated by it all, but the easy road is not necessarily the right road is it? Thanks for all the 'peace'

  2. Ride the wave my sista! What will be, will be!! It is so hard to sit at the cusp, my thoughts are with you. Peace always