April 05, 2009

Turkeys are awesome!

Next to chickens I love turkeys. Not the silly white birds, but the black heritage birds. I had one tom for 7 years and he loved me like a cat loves you. They will defend the flock to the death. A few years ago, one very cold winter morning, I opened the coup to unusual total silence. There at the door was the tom. He was bloody and ripped up, both his legs were broken from giving chase and fighting off the raccoon in the deep snow. He had waited for my arrival, to see it's bravery, and died in my arms, he had protected chicken and turkey in the coup. Animals and birds have a life every second they are alive, just like people, their capacity for loyalty, bravery, justice and joy are just as equal. Peace for all

btw - the pictures should be in reverse order, watching the little ones climb on my little one - peace


  1. Oh they are adorable! How many did you wind up with?

    The story of that Tom is really beautiful. I'm sad for his loss. Do you have a Tom now?

  2. I have one full grown tom and three hens. O I could go on about the valor i have seen in birds. thanks for the visit, peace for all

  3. How long can you keep the turkey and chicken chicks together? Do the larger pick on the smaller,or are they okay together? Do you worrry about -is it Black-Leg? I've read that you do not want to house chickens and turkeys together? Always questions, questions from the newbie! :)
    One more question since I've 'got' you here-horse manure/wood shavings and if/how to use in the vegetable garden-must be 'hot' composted? Too many seeds? I will be sure no medications given to horses and no herbicides in hay.

  4. I thought you read my book, lol? There is are words there about blackhead. I have included all precautions I take to keep them together. In my opinion turkeys are superior for meat than chicken, because you get more meat per death. I would rather raise a turkey to 50 pounds, (and yes they do get so big you have to cut them in half to fit in the oven) than 5 chickens to 10 pounds. To me it is all about kill per pound ration, it is my personal preference. In the picture you see my brooder box, luxurious isn't it, (my husband really loves me, he really does). For three months we put the eggs we gathered in the incubator and as they hatched we added them to the brooder. The turkeys were first born. At first I was afraid to put the new chicks with them, but my fear was unfounded. The bigger birds acted like big brothers to the little ones, and the smallest were defended by the largest against any humiliation. I was totally amazed how they all get along and you will be too! They all live together happily. Keeping birds in town it is good to know hens are very quiet, males aren't.

    This is good clean fertilizer don't refuse it, you will find this can be a rare commodity. Unfortunately you can't use it until it has dried for a couple of seasons and is no longer hot. The seeds aren't really the problem with fresh manure. The chemical reactions breaking down the manure can literally burn your plants and their roots. If you can find a farmer who will sell old manure you are much better off. It takes more fertilizer to grow vegetables than people think. Making compost is the more self-sufficient way to make soil. Hope this helps. Keep 'em coming, i love talking farm. Peace for all