April 09, 2009

Suburban Food Productions

I am so pleased to see my city sister growing food. It is easy, it works the same every year, once you learn it you can help not only yourself but your neighbors too.
There are several interesting videos along the same theme on this page

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  1. Very cool video and I'm super glad to see it is an idea that is spreading! Now, if someone other than me would do this in our neighborhood it would be perfect!

  2. For sure Christy, if this became the norm it would be wonderful - one could grow potatoes, another neighbor could grow tomatoes, the one with the shady yard grows the lettuce - then SHARE with each other would be my dream come true - i hate money, it is not food, it is not love, it is not community, heck i hate it so much a wrote a book about how much i hate it - abstract paper, unlike love which can transcend all living - yes i can go on, thanks for the ear - peace for all

  3. Great video clip. It is good to see people realizing they can take control of their food supply.

  4. yes this is a very good solution, providing you have a good water source - would be horrible to be rationed in August when food is ripening - farming is too much work for a couple with kids - peace for all

  5. You know you have enhanced my garden! I have 3 new gardening spots in my little place here.

    I am going to start today putting up pics of my unskilled attempts at growing more so you can see.

    This whole week is supposed to be sunny and half nice so the garden will get quite a bit of attention......oh and I have half the small bed outfront to plant as well. I am also going to enlarge the rose garden too.

    HAPPY EASTER and thanks for being a part of my life!

  6. That's wonderful Pam, I'll be on the lookout for your new posts. Your photography is so good that your pics are like flowers themselves. Of course you already know this! Thanks for the personal note. Peace for all