April 03, 2009

Ruralrose said...

This is wonderful! You both should be very proud. And so clean and manicured, loved land for sure. You are where you are to be, you are going to where you are to be. No matter what land is in front of you to use to make your family more secure you will use it. Nothing is too late for you, you are ahead of the crowd that is why the future looks so bewildering. My husband and I moved 11 times before we could afford a place of our own. Each time he built raised beds for my garden and fencing for birds or goats. Each time the expense and time was a personal sacrifice as we left everything. It was also our education, to which a person can never really attribute a monetary value. Your girls are watching and learning too and you are setting a very fine example. Thanks for sharing the pictures, I would be so proud to have you as a neighbor. Peace for all

I did love the near sighted analogy. Made me think of this ditty I wrote last summer:

Could life be seen as a raft floating down a river on its way to the great ocean.

Living we can fear getting snagged by the bushes on the edges, be uncertain of those who ride with us and anxious of the turbulence which may lie ahead for us. Inadvertently in ignorance, selfishness and panic we're lured by attractive little streams that promise what appears to be a shortcut or an easier way. Inevitably, unfortunately and naturally we always have to come back to our rightful place on the river. Why is it somehow the stream back is never quite as alluring?

But we are not the raft, we are the river.

Not my best work, I was trying to play with the rhythm of the words here and it got too wordy, but I do like the sentiment. I love how creativity is magic even to the artist. Peace for all.

bwt - does anyone know how to fix my e-crater widget so it links to my store?

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