August 20, 2009

Gardening Success

At this point, are you feeling like a success or a failure in your garden?

If you attempted to grow your own food at all the only correct answer is "a success"!

Gardens fail. They fail every season, even plants that grow successfully have in their community "failures". This is natural, and not negative or wrong.

Perfection is only an illusion, sponsored and paid for.

Success is aligning your needs with the natural providence which is our free birthright.

Living without much money, I understand how frustrating it is to loss food crops. I could go on and on about all the food lost to bugs and mistakes. But now, after many years gardening, it is plain to me that my role here is to "go with the flow".

An all or nothing mentality is erroneous as compromise is the natural solution. We can't have everything, know this on the outset, all accomplishment must be steps. Don’t put a blind eye to the limitations they only indicate where you will have to work at improving. It is natural, until you are experienced, you will experience some debilitation. At first this can make you uncomfortable or unsure of yourself, but gladly submit, these are the first steps to freedom.


  1. A big "thank you" to putting things into perspective! So I guess my answer to the question then would be "success"!!!

  2. I was at the digging of the taters at a neighbors house the other day, and I was just hoping he would have a good harvest-I got him started on gardening this year(he's 16) and didn't want him to be disappointed and give up. Luckily, he had a very very good harvest!! Yea-a future gardenener is born!

  3. You are so right about trial and error and to not give up when things don't work as expected. The path to freedom is not always easy but well worth the effort.

  4. It is important to keep the gardening cycle going, one never knows when they won't be able to buy what they want, so glad to see it in young people too

    Mr. H am so pleased you stopped by, your carrot post today should win an award! We are both proof that nature can sustain us completely.

    peace for all