August 10, 2009


This post came from Sara it is well worth sharing. Her blog is excellent too, a very insightful woman.


I'm a huge fan of Bokashi. Bokashi is a Japanese word for a well fermented organic product. Pictured above are the results of my first Bokashi bran bucket. It might look yucky but it is actually very friendly & very good for the garden. This mixture is now going to be popped into my compost bin to decompose & is full of effective micro-organisms that will improve the quality of my compost & help to suppress diseases & pests in my soil. To read more about effective micro-organisms & the ways they can be used The Recycle Works own website on the subject is very interesting & informative.


One advantage of using a Bokashi bran bucket is that you can add kitchen waste that you normally wouldn't put onto a compost heap, like meat & fish. Because the waste is fermented & not rotted it retains more of it's energy & nutritional value which means more of the goodness will be added to your garden. It's simple to use. You need a bucket with a tap at the bottom & a perforated plate to pop your waste onto. You then add your kitchen waste, chopped into small pieces, with a handful of Bokashi bran, compact, close the lid & then just keep repeating this process. A liquid will accumulate in the bottom of the bucket & can be tapped off to use diluted as an excellent plant feed, or can be poured undiluted down your sink where the effective micro-organisms will help to clean your pipes. It's brilliant! The bucket can be kept indoors because with the lid on there is no smell at all. When you lift off the lid, instead of a getting an offensive, foul, rotting odour all you get is an inoffensive, slightly sweet pickled smell.

Why not give it a go? Your plants will receive more essential growing energy & will be more resistant to harmful bacteria & funghi. You will enjoy the satisfaction of being kind to the environment.


  1. OMG! When I first started reading this, I thought it was going to be a recipe for something to eat and then I was looking at the picture and just...ewww! Then I kept reading and realized what it was really for LOL!

  2. I just wanted to say thank-you again for the book. I have not been able to read through it's entirety yet, but I love the 'Happy Garden Communites' section. That is some great information in a neat little package! (Also, my comments are published automatically, but I deleted your post as soon as I saw it.) I will be sure to leave a review when I am finished!

  3. Gotcha KJ, how grand thanks for letting me in on it! Just loved your post today.

    aww Kelly i do appreciate the feedback, i sat in solitude for a couple of hours each day for a few years to get it done, i can't tell you how wonderful it is to have someone read it and get something from it, all smiles

  4. I sure learnt something new today! I'll have to google for suppliers.

  5. yes it was new to me too, very interesting indeed! thanks for the visit Pearl

  6. ohhh how interesting Ruralrose, i'm a firm believer in composting so this article is right up my alley... takes care of the issue of BEARS and other 'vermin' (LOL)that will arrive with a not so well tended fruit and veggie compost pile... i love all animals and quickest way to a bullet for them is eating humans garbage :( thanks for the posting!!

  7. am so happy you visited me, and such a insightful comment thank you, together we can help assist nature's survival - peace for all