August 17, 2009

Preserving Food

Blogger Ruralrose said...

I quit canning after the third year. I never seemed to get ahead with the work needed and the losses that just "naturally" occur. Canning uses a lot of energy to cook and sterilize. It really reduces the nutrient value of what you are trying to save.

I freeze everything. Lord help us if the power goes out, but a generator is the next item on the self-sufficiency list. I pickle cukes and hot peppers because they are a no brainer and well worth the effort. Vegetables like beans I saute in butter before freezing. Tomatoes, bananas and ginger can be frozen whole. To use the tomatoes thaw them in a strainer, just lovely. I make up salsa with cilantro, onions, lime, hot peppers and tomatoes and freeze it in small bags too (i strain it before freezing). The ginger gets grated as needed. I freeze berries whole and use them for desserts or smoothies through the winter. If I do want some jam I make a small batch in the winter, when the house needs to be heated, and we enjoy it until its gone.

Don't give up, it all works as education for next year. You are way ahead of the learning curve even if you don't realize it yet.
Peace for all.


  1. I agree! I know how to can, but prefer freezing! I think freezing preserves the color so much better also. We bit the bullet and bought a small generator on clearance after hurricane season. We have well water, so when our power goes out (as it did for 2 weeks after H. Floyd) it is enough to power our fridge, freezer, and well pump for showering! I guess the only reason I still can a few things is really just to preserve a tradition and so my kids can see all facets of food/homestead preparation & production. -Or when I run out of room in my little deep freeze! I can already see that I am outgrowing the little one since this year we started buying pastured humanely raised meat in bulk and that takes up quite a bit of space!

  2. haha, the video just loaded for me...that's our hero here in VA!

  3. O Erin you are my kind of woman, if were neighbors what fast friends we would be - thanks for the conversation I love to hear how other people do what I do too - peace for all

  4. I freeze too. I think the taste of things like green beans is far far better. Frozen beans taste like beans....canned ones taste like , well, never mind!
    I've done up tons of beans so far. STILL waiting on a tomato!
    Take care!

  5. My tomatoes are late too, had only 3 yellow pear tomatoes - but my peppers are incredible - the yellow plums are ready today too - your place looks awesome Sue wish I was close enough to visit - peace