July 31, 2009

Free Book Give Away

I think there is going to be a food shortage this winter. The droughts and floods have taken their toll on our food system. I am worried you won't have enough to eat even if you have money. I am worried the poor people in the countries we buy our food from won't have enough to eat. I want you to see how easy it is to let nature fill your plate with food.

To show you the seriousness of my conviction, I am giving away copies of my new e-book for FREE. All you need to do to be entered is to leave a comment and a link to your blog showing this give away. I will get back to you. Peace for all

p.s. I have posted a link to the book for more info -



  1. count me in ruth, but you do sound rather pessimistic!

  2. thanks John you are on my list, I have some great chicken info in it for you - i suppose pessimistic is better than bonkers, lol - hugs back - peace

  3. Yes please! It sounds an interesting read to me. Thanks for your kindness x

  4. OK, I will get a link up soon. The late blight is ruining crops in New England, just a fraction of the troubles elsewhere, but a reminder that food is not a given.

  5. am sorry to hear that Kelly - i too am having trouble here because of the unseasonable conditions - it is frustrating to do all you can, and it is not enough - we will be ok because aware of the problem we can find a solution sooner than most - i will send you the link for the book, and everyone else who wants one, on friday - keep up the good work! peace for all

  6. if anyone missed the free book link, just let me know i do want you to read it, peace for all