November 13, 2009

Everything He Wants to Do is Illegal

Megan Phelps Interview with Joel Salatin

Joel Salatin is a farmer at the forefront of the trend toward local food and grass-fed meat. Many people first became familiar with Salatin’s complex and eco-minded approach to farming when he was featured in Michael Pollan’s bestselling book, The Omnivore’s Dilemma. But Salatin also is well known within pasture-based farming and libertarian circles. He’s especially vocal about government regulations that make life difficult for the small farmer — his most recent book is titled Everything I Want to Do is Illegal. He’s also the author of You Can Farm and Holy Cows and Hog Heaven (excerpted here in Mother Earth News). Salatin kindly agreed to answer some questions for us about Polyface Farms. Hold onto your hat! Here are Salatin’s candid thoughts on government regulations, high grain prices, vegetarians and making money at farming.

Read the whole interview at Mother Earth News

This guy is a small farmer's guru, if you really want to know the state of farming don't just take my word for it. Peace


  1. I love this guy! Very charismatic, his books are a fun read even for non-producers. Honestly it was reading some of his work which really got the itch started for us to want to do more than just have a hobby farm.

  2. Have you read Wendell Berry?

  3. I love Mother Earth News, and read this article when it came out. I'll have to look into some of his books for more good reading. And now I'll have to check out Wendell Berry too. :)

    I think the itch to be closer to the land is more on my part than hubby's. That makes it kinda hard. :-(