November 26, 2009

Haskap Plants - Sharing the Little Purple Berry

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Serendity led me to Craig Larson's blog As a scientist and humanitarian, he too is very concerned about food security for all people. Please go visit his blog and see what one person can accomplish in changing the world for the better (and what you can do to help)!

Ruralrose said:

Craig you are such an honourable man! What a treasure you are for the world. I too am very concerned about food security and nutrition only for the rich. I have just finished a 176 page book in this regard. Please come visit my blog, I have posted it on a free download. I am desperate to share the secrets to having food with many people, as times are going to get worse. I want to grow these berries for you, and share them with my neighbors. We grow several varieties of grapes, apples, and plums, bing cherries, gooseberries, both currants and pears, raspberries and strawberries when I am lucky. We don't prune so we can feed the wildlife, we grow 6 trees outside out fenced orchard for the bears. The tree orchard is also my chicken pasture so the fruit that falls to the ground feeds my birds and they fertilize the trees. There is so much, we give away more than we keep. Well I do go on, so happy to share with likeminded people. Peace for all


  1. very nice interesting article on purple berry

  2. Thanks for your visit Robin and your thoughtful comment on dandruff, off to see your blog now, peace

  3. I am growing these from seed now. I have one plant given to me last spring by a friend and I have several about 3" tall gorwn from seed this year.

    I started a berry wine and pie garden a couple of years ago. I now grow these berries above, strawberries, rhubarb, raspberries, salal berries, gooseberries, goji berries, service berries, black mulberries, black elderberies, currants, chichiquelites, ground cherries and blackberries. Some are just babies I received last year and so I have no berries from them yet but I have high hopes! I hope they all survive this year, the first winter for many of them.

  4. Wow Sheryl, looks like I have missed some good reading. You make it sound so easy! Ain't nature grand?! Peace