November 07, 2009


Terry is home again. Thank you for all the well wishes you sent. We went to visit her at the hospital last night and I took some pictures. The quality and lighting aren't up to the usual standards posted by you bloggers, but it is a glimpse of the scenery to the closest town. Peace



  1. That is a truly gorgeous place to live!

  2. You live in a very beautiful part of the country! Any snow yet?

  3. shhh, don't let anyone know I am the most blessed woman on the planet! You both would recognize great places to live, just look where your houses are.

    No snow yet Mr. H., hail and slush but no snow. Daily we watch the frost line get closer. How about you any snow yet?

    Usually, I save the food i freeze, salsa, pesto, tziki, guacamole etc. until the snow, but this year I am already into my "fast food" treats. Sated by my favorite foods, the product of my efforts, with the freezers and pantry full, pride and gratitude become one and all is worth it!

    Peace to you both