November 09, 2009

Food Security in Doubt

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Southern California is called the bread basket of the continent. They have been suffering now from many years of drought and only 10 percent normal water resources. We can't ignore the fact that food will have to come from abroad to fill our plates. Start now, buy one save one, buy your seed for next spring. Prepare for the future, what have you got to lose.


  1. Great post, and another thing people need to pay more attention to is the bees! While most have heard of their predicament, I don't believe they have any idea on their impact. They will realize only too late when agriculture completely disappears and in just a few short years there is no food to put on the table. I agree, plant fruit trees, save seeds, fight monoculture... these are all things the average person can do on a "personal scale" - since it seems that so many are only concerned with "what it can do for them"! Don't get me started, RuralRose!

  2. Maybe it needs shocks like these for the richest nation on earth to realize what it's like for large parts of the world population and to change their ways.

  3. Heiko - excellent point!

    Erin - you are my kind of woman, i wish we were neighbors what conversations we would have! It is very hard to speak to anyone about this subject without their eyes rolling. I too am worried for the bugs. In fact, this year I put more emphasis on creating bug environments, than vegetables. To fly over my place, you would see it is like an oasis of color in a desert of forest green. Insects, bees, bugs, butterflies, birds create more activity here than people. You are right, we can all do this, we can all create a better place for life to live on. I am had special prayers in my heart for your family this week. Peace for all