November 19, 2009

Everything is going to be alright!

Breathe . . . everything is going to turn out alright! How do i know from this far away? Limitations are like bumpers that push the ball into play, your thoughts and will and efforts are the flappers and the magnets, you are picking up signals showing you where you want to go, your intentions for success your dedication for the best results will take you there. Didn't you graduate? Didn't you get married? Didn't you have babies? Forge a career? It happens, you are alive, this is how it works. Give up the struggle, go with the flow, know where you want to end up, relax and enjoy the ride. You can't have everything all the time. I feel for you because I have been where you are. I still worry too much but now i know worrying doesn't change a thing. It is hard to let go of the reins, but oh how good it feels and as time goes by you will delight in the journey. I have a whole chapter dedicated to this in my new book, have you read it? These will be your last few months of this lifestyle, knowing this get the best out of it. Enjoy the perks of city life, it will be like a brand new life when the pages turns. These days will be memories don't spend them feeling bad about things.


  1. Thanks Rose- I was operating under the 'illusion of control' again. I'm not really freaked out just a little frustrated and feeling as though I can 'hear' interest rates rising and rising oceans lapping at our shores. :)

  2. This is just what I needed, someone else's perspective. I am a type A personality (notice the capital A) so I know I have to learn to let go and just ride the river that is my journey in life. So here goes, I see rapids ahead, but I know I can make it.

  3. sometimes everything won't be alright.
    if you need examples of things that are very wrong open your eyes and look outside your protected canadian life. then scurry back to your safe, happy life.