November 15, 2009

Sustainable Meat Illegal in Canada

Please forgive my recent obsession of meat regulations, but this was passed to me and I would be remiss not to pass it on to you. (something cheery next, I promise). The following is taken from Farm Food Freedom Fighters and their site is linked to the title.

New B.C. Meat Regulations
Make Buying The Chicken Next Door Illegal

Welcome to the Farm Food Freedom Fighters web site. Our goal is to create a place to join those affected by the meat regulations and those who wish to assist them. We are searching for ways to return British Columbia to a place where farmers can raise healthy, calm animals, and can sell them from their farm gate without fear, as people have done all over the world for centuries.

Pitch In Too - PLEASE get the word out!

  • Did you know that it is illegal to buy farm killed meats?

  • Did you know that local farmers must get permission from Health Departments even to sell food at farmers markets?

  • Did you know BC is affected by international and national laws that increasingly undermine historic production of local foods while problems in the corporate food system grow?

Small rural producers, even if culling the odd animal to feed a neighbour, can no longer do so without bringing the animal to a government approved abattoir. This could be hundreds of miles away, costs money and adds to fossil fuels, takes precious time and causes the animal much stress. This frequently makes the act of
slaughtering a home-raised animal prohibitive, and many farmers are declining to raise meat animals rather than face a $25,000 - $50,000 fine. This recent government action is supposedly in the name of our health, but it obviously drives those who were eating local free range animals back to the supermarkets to buy meat.

What can you do The time is right to put on your Rabble Rousing shoes and help make change in your community. Many are already working hard at this – your help makes a big difference (find out more...)

I received this post from a lovely socially active woman I have had honorable dealings with throughout the years, and published author Robin Wheeler. If you are Canadian please click the link to find out how you can voice your opinion and maybe together we can change this before it ruins things forever.


  1. How did things get so messed up? (in both countries) We've been complacent little sheeple for too long I guess.

  2. I understand the wish for regulation by the gov't, that is afterall what they do....but get real!! The things that are becoming unlawful are getting out of hand. Maybe you can go back to bartering, is that illegal too?

  3. It is like a nightmare, doesn't make sense and yet am in the thick of it. No can't barter or trade either. They want us all unified under the "corporation". Feed sellers are also asked by government officials "who is buying the feed?". I can see it not seeming like a big deal to most people, a totalitarian takeover starts quiet, with the little guys, until it is strong enough to force the masses. I think democracy is anarchy in disguise. Thanks for the visit ladies, peace for all.