January 13, 2010

Frugal Food Security - Freezing Fruit

You don't have to wait until summer to put food away for another day. Berries can be frozen whole. To remove field heat from my berries I put my haul straight into the freezer. An hour later I sort the stems and such and put in plastic, very easy with no waste. Bananas can be frozen without plastic. They last 4 months and are indispensable in cakes and smoothies. The best way to preserve ginger is to freeze it whole. I just grate frozen ginger into my recipes and but the remainder back in the freezer.


  1. You freeze the bananas right in the skins? I have always removed the skins. Do the skins come off pretty easy when you want to use them in a smoothie or bread?

  2. Yep the skins come off very easy. There is a little water so I thaw them in a dish, but keep em frozen for smoothies of course! Peace

  3. Wow, thanks so much for the info about fressing ginger! I never, ever would have thought of that. How many hands of ginger have I watched shrivel up before I use it. I'd been thinking about candying it but this is so much better.

  4. In desperation of the shrivel thing when I bought 10 pounds of organic ginger I froze a piece as an experiment. It grows in the house too and would bet in Texas you could grow it outdoors. I did a post on it before


    Thanks for the visit am off to see your blog. Peace for all