January 18, 2010

Over Land by Steve Suderman

Over Land

Over Land is an intimate and personal portrait of a family facing a crisis in agriculture. Between 1996 and 2006, despite warnings of an impending food shortage, prices for farm goods dropped to their lowest point in Canadian history, driving many farmers off the land. With a family history of farming spanning generations, the Sudermans now face a challenge that threatens to pull the family apart.

Over Land features original music composed and performed by Dirk Powell.The executive producer is Robin Schlaht. Directed by Steve Suderman.

Hi Steve: Just came across your stuff today. Can't wait to see the documentary. I have posted about you on my blog. If you visit there you will see we have a small mixed organic farm in BC. We are not for profit farmers, since we can't make money yet from the farm. So we are eat what we produce from the farm and do it in a self-sustaining manner. We used to raise goats and pigs and would do so again if we could find other people interested in this lifestyle enough to help with the workload. We are alone as farmers here, 10 years working this homestead. This lifestyle requires community, everyone helps everyone gets ahead.

But enough about me. I do not need to learn more about the state of farming in this country as I fight its demise daily. I want to support anyone with the balls enough to shout the truth of this crisis, and the sacrifices that this takes, to the world. Bravo!! So where do I send my $20? Thanks in advance,
peace for all

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