January 17, 2010

Help for All

The time has come to share our excess with those without. This could be the moment of critical mass for the human race. There are many excellent charities for international relief aid, if you have money. Donate to your Salvation Army or food bank from your house even if it is only things you don't want anymore. Invite the old man next door for dinner, pick up take out for the poor family down the street with all the kids, or tip your service people who are working so hard for so little. Don't support violence or inequality but don't judge the poor as being not worthy of anything better.

There are over 1 billion people displaced people in the world. The hunger in Africa has not gone away, the suffering in Sudan, nor the helplessness of orphans in impoverished nations. Lets hope the rally we see to this crisis will continue until no one is without. There are homeless and destitute people in our own countries still in need of assistance after natural and manmade disasters. I hear everything for the relief effort in Haiti is run by gas powered generators and gas is a rare commodity there now. Maybe it is time to invest in solar powered equipment. Maybe next time it will be us that needs the helping hand.

Peace for all

1 comment:

  1. Right on! If everyone in Canada and the US gave 10% of their income, there would be no poverty!

    My understanding, is they have the gas,but no electricity to pump it up from storage. Hopefully some of the relief forces will have generators.