January 04, 2010

New Beginnings

New Year's Day is such a celebration in our house. We feast, we play, we party.

All year we bustle about to fulfill our agendas, trying to get things done, we work mostly without reprise. I am always behind and the festivities of December exasperate the situation. Resentments, frustration and exhaustion seem to culminate at the climax of the year.

Then something wonderful happens, the page turns, a new year, a new decade begins. The old year is gone, it's successes linger and it's failures fall away. We forgive ourselves and each other and move forward on a new quest, the 2010 quest. We make new plans and new agendas. All the chores and anxieties can lay in wait, their importance is diminished because today I am not behind merely at the beginning.

Peace for all


  1. Well said! Here's to fresh starts!

  2. Three cheers for a new and bountiful 2010! I am also always more than happy to be done with December and move on to January.

  3. Yes, you are so right!I am always ready for the new year,to through off that worn,old coat of weariness that seems to get the heaviest in December.My thoughts turn to new things,thoughts of spring and seeds and baby chicks and new fresh starts!Even though it is not warm yet, my mind is planning and it is spring in my brain.

    Thank you so much for you kindness and support over at my blog,it really helped!

  4. You are so welcome Melodie, we are not alone only ahead of the pack - peace