January 07, 2010

Preserving Food

Drying is an easy way to preserve food. It can be done any time of year. Herbs can be dried in a box or a paper bag, when the stem snaps when broken they are dry enough to store in a glass container. Fruit should be cut into bit sized pieces and dried at 175 degrees, for a day, until there is no moisture left in them and stored in plastic containers. Even when I think they are dry enough, I open the bag for a few minutes everyday for a week to make sure no mold starts.


  1. What an inspiration you are! I started learning to dry things last summer.I did different herbs and some apples.My son wants jerky ! So I will have to try that soon ! Slowly we are learning and working toward our goal of self sufficiency!I truly rejoice in each new discovery along the road of simple living!

  2. Hey Ruralrose,

    With the grapes, how do you remove the seeds? I grew grapes this year and wanted to make raisens, but the idea of cutting the seeds out one at a time was just too much. If you have a good method I would LOVE to hear it.

    Also, I would love to get some of those Sicily seeds, what do you want to trade? I have some nice Charantais melon seeds I saved?

    With Warmest Regard,


  3. Very thymly. I have to learn how to do all this stuff as I am hoping for a good apple crop next year. Thanks!

  4. good idea ruth, what about the peaches..how do u store them?

  5. Great post, that fruit looks so yummy.

  6. Yep though apricots seem to glow with Vitamin C. Thanks for the visit. Peace for all