January 07, 2010

Grow Food in Winter

At this time of year, since we eat locally, any fresh vegetable is a real treat. From your kitchen counter, in mere days, you can make extremely nutritious sprouts - crunchy and sweet for salads and stirfries.

The video shows sprouting done in a big way, but the tips and methods are the same as you would use in your home.

Peace for all


  1. I love sprouts! I even crave them ! I put them on my sandwiches instead of lettuce.Yummy!

  2. We do this too.... so yummy on homemade Panini sandwiches! Even when lettuces are done, it's nice to know that you can easily keep getting salad fixins' right in the kitchen!

  3. Hi sweetie!

    Wanted to say a quick hello and hope your holidays were lovely!


  4. I crave them too - lettuce is so overrated, here it really only grows for a couple of weeks a season!!