July 28, 2009


Just a quick post, between the week of 100 degree weather, forest fires, farming and gardening I barely have time to complain. (but see I did fit it in, lol)

I follow earthquakes over 4 and on average there are over 400 per month worldwide. In the years I have been following them, t0day is the very first day there were no earthquakes over a 4.

What does it mean? Nothing of course, no more no less than if there where a dozen. When I see the droughts where there should be monsoons, and floods where there should be heat, on the tv, I also wonder what does it mean?

The world is changing there is no doubt. To me it is like a bad B movie and I expect Robocop to come to the rescue any time now. In these times I devote myself to ensuring security for my family, maybe I read Grapes of Wrath too young. What would it hurt to put some food up for winter? Time will tell. Peace for all.

ps click the title and the link is for http://www.iris.edu/seismon/ and you can follow them too.


  1. I am with you on this one....working outside over the past couple of years I have noticed just how WET it has become here......
    yeap climate change is here


  2. And we are dry and cold in N. Wisconsin, Ive been thinking alot about rainbarrels and three season gardening. I have yet to have a ripened tomato. Kris

  3. thanks for your input, i have a link about rain entrapment i will dig up and post, i mostly garden in spring and fall, no fruit yet on my tomatoes - back to work for me now - peace for all