July 26, 2009

How to Survive

Yesterday the waitress said "he works (my husband), so you don't have to".

We have had a heat wave for almost a month, 30 degrees everyday, and zero rain. Watched the news, saw the weather map nothing in the forecast.  Woke up to pouring rain, checked the doppler and sure enough a freak storm warning.  Praise God and hallelujah!!!

It is like a day off, well after everyone was fed and watered.  So I sat down to my list of correspondence and paperwork to do, 15 items, yuk, some day off.  I am hear talking to you, procrastinating.  Maybe you are here procrastinating too, giggles.

What I do today turns into what I have tomorrow.

This moment so urgent, so personal, dominating our thoughts.  How do I look?  What does he think?  Then it slips into nothing, forever.  Instead it should be what needs to be done?  How can I do it quickly and efficiently?  Then when the moment slips by it has left something behind.  Each building a foundation for security and happiness. Solving the riddles of our being should direct us daily.

Will you look at that, the sun is shining.  O yummy humid and no bugs.  Now what to do?  Planting. Yes.  Now that the soil is saturated with water is the best time.  Moon Phase? First quarter, time for leafy greens, some in pots, some seeds but to get them in means clearing a spot of weeds and grass.  Great, sorry folks, am off outside to play.

Perfectly planned, perfectly undone.  You can plan until your heart is content but what is going to happen is going to happen.  No sooner had I decided which plants where and how, walked to the garden with tools then the thunder signaled the end of the plan.  Then it poured, so hard the cat wined and the rabbits were shivering.  How I longed for this cold sensation in any evening previous, but I am so shocked like my son got me with the waterhose. Oh my gosh my windows just rattled from the storm, the bushes as hitting the house, gonna be a duszy.

I was so proud of my adaptability, especially since today's chore list had read water all plants everywhere, pick cherries, and cut hay.  I cut hay for my sheep everyday, usually twice.  They only eat seven pounds each, but you would be surprised how much grass that is.  It is cut with a long knife, making sure not to include nettles, thorns, or burrs, they like most weeds, shrubs and all the prunings from the orchard (except cherry). While cutting grass I look for dandelions and other tender green weeds to feed the rabbits

 but in that one moment you can either do what you need to do, or don't.  


  1. Interesting article-thanks for the link!

  2. thanks Sue, seems so lazy but so complete I couldn't resist, hope all is well at your patch of heaven and all the holes are gone, peace