July 01, 2009


I am proudly Canadian.

To honour how enamored I am with my country, I will share with you all, the secret of happiness.

This is a shot of my front door. That is Lil Mama she usually makes 24 chickens for us every year, for 5 years now. She always shows off her babies, last year a batch was born just before 2 feet of snow and they all thrived.

This is chicken is from her last batch. He thinks he is a cat and follows them around ceaselessly looking for snakes and mice, like a gang of thugs.

Can you see the butterfly? This time of year they are everywhere, here being one of the few gardens in a large forest. My yard is filled with all sizes and colours flitting, flirting and frolicking in the flowers like a secret orgy.

Today, next to my front door, the mock orange is in full bloom. Lovely of course. But her looks pale to her scent, notes of jasmine, rose and gardenia. It floats in the air silently with every inhalation, until you succumb to the lustful seduction lost in spectacle of it all.

Can you feel the spray from this glacial waterfall. The air is so fresh you can't help but breathe in deeply. Smell the ozone, feel the cool breeze, and stillness in the noise. The chatter of the flow, every molecule different yet the same, all excited to move forward and play their part in the world.

This is the best dog ever.

Let nature take the lead, happiness is a natural state.

Peace for all


  1. Beautiful pictures, thanks for sharing them!

  2. Thanks,I read about all with big pleasure!

  3. Wow-what beautiful pics. You have a piece of heaven there (and a fine looking dog, too!).

  4. Beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing with us. I have a little mock orange shrub -but it is in a corner of my yard that I do not get to regularly-I think I will go down there and just INHALE. Kris

  5. Although, I'm not Canadian I am absolutely fascinated with my northern neighbors. Nice pictures and wonderful post.

    Your American Friend.


  6. Thank you all for your kind words. We all share the same mother earth, how lovely. Peace for all

  7. Ruth, your place is lovely.
    I would love to visit! I am dead jelous...

  8. make sure you come in the summer so I can put you to work, lol - thanks peace