July 04, 2009

Not wanting to have nothing ever again, not wanting to again be suckered into frittering away my life for someone elses profit, all day long my thoughts and time are devoted to moving my life forward by being productive. What is the best use of my time? What will make money? What will save money? What is mandatory for health and happiness? All choices are justified by forethought and planning. More and more I see that this line of thinking is just as enslaving as consumerism.

I had fantasized for years how growing my own garden - what would go where and why.
Finally, I planted tansy in the brassica (cabbage family, broccoli, etc.) garden bed to keep disease and ants away. I planted a few seeds all over the bed and because no new plants showed I forgot about them. In the spring these cute frilly plants were everywhere I loved them. So much so that by the fall of the following year there were planted all over the garden to keep ants away. On the prairie tansy only grows 2 feet tall imagine my surprise, summer of the fourth year, when these girls got 5 feet tall and had spread tribbles everywhere. It isn't terrible because they are very easy to pull out of the ground and by putting them strategically around my place the ants are kept at bay. My judgement was wrong but I didn't know all the variables; and who ever does? The result was not how I had fantasized or planned, if you allow nature to dominate, it is always more and better.

Speaking of abundance, this is bing cherry is so heavy with fruit it is hanging over the chicken fence to the ground!

Saskatoons, this is what I picked this morning. Great taste and antioxidants like blueberries, grow almost every where you should try.

This yellow weed in my yard, but medicine in my cupboard, St. Johns Wort. Ready to pick next week, when the moon changes.

More weeds! Daisies, these grow in horse pastures but the horses don't eat them. Eventually it looks like the horse are standing in a field of daisies, cool.

Next time maybe I will figure out how to put the words WITH the picture!

Peace for all

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