July 20, 2009

Food Security

Planting the Seeds from Hadas Levy on Vimeo.

This is a 30 minute documentary - it is well worth your time. Film by Hadas Levy shot near where I live. Food security is more important than we think.


  1. Thanks for the video--I have to admit I skimmed through parts of it, but-I did learn about how to make pectin! There are parts of me that would like to stay in town and be an example of food production in a suburban lot-lord knows we have ALOT of grass! Kris

  2. That is a very good calling Kris. It is one thing to be self suffient, but really you need a community to survive properly. The woman who did the film is coming to my house next week, I am so excited. I see you have new posts, i love having something interesting to read, but they will have to wait until tommorrow, have to be up too early. Thanks for the conversation, peace for all