July 10, 2009

Silver Parrot

My prize box of beads arrived today.!!! It is a great prize, 9 pounds of beads and findings. Not cheapo plastic stuff either; quality beads with exquisite colour. No wonder her jewellery is so sweet, she uses only the best beads! These beads will help feed my family this winter, thank you very much for your generosity.

Please visit her blog or better yet, go to her e-store and buy her heirloom quality treasure.


p.s. i did take lots of pictures, but alas they were all sooo blurry. i hope to get better with it soon, right now it is a source of frustration - but how can i be sad, 9 pounds of beads, yipppppeeee!


  1. Oh, you're going to be one busy gal!
    Have fun!

  2. Those are nice, where they real expensive?

  3. I won them as a prize from Silver Parrot Designs - am just delighted!

  4. Hurray! I am so glad you won those beads. They are in the right hands! Kris

  5. Yay! They arrived safely! I have been so worried. Couldn't go to a nicer gal and I really hope you enjoy and use them. Make sure to post pics of what you make!

  6. thanks, you are such a sweetheart, of course i will, peace