July 14, 2009

Planting by the Moon Last Quarter

From the 16-21 the moon with be in the last or fourth quarter. At night, you will see the left side of the moon is bright. This is the week not to plant, but to harvest, weed, cultivate, and get rid of bugs.

You will see herbs gathered now are most fragrant and dry without blemish. Fruit is perfectly ripe, will keep the longest and for the most part is undamaged by pests. Weeds and grass, that normally won't budge, can be easily pulled out with the root.

By the moon pests hatch next week. So this week is the week to get rid of bugs in the garden and fleas on the critters. It is a good time for a detox.

I am picking cherries this week, all week, soo many cherries, lucky me.
I do put cut up cherries and freeze them in bags for smoothies in the winter. In less modern times people would gorge on fruit as it ripened, because they usually only had that short window in consume it. It is very important to gorge on fresh cherries because they work like magic at ridding the bowels of parasites.

can you see the hail damage?

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  1. FRESH CHERRIES! I am so jealous right now :)

  2. that was so interesting ruth!!!!!
    we had downpors here too!

  3. Thanks for visiting, i love the company - peace for all

  4. Hi, that was some great info. Do you usually write about the moon phases? I would like to get a calendar for next season, the biodynamic principles of gardening really interest me.

  5. hi Kelly - what you are talking about is the most superior way to grow food, it is my intention to expand of the ideas of moon planting each phase, thanks for the visit, peace for all