July 07, 2009


Today is the full moon. Traditionally this full moon is called The Thunder Moon. We are definately in the thos of a huge storm almost everywhere across the continent. Records for lightning strikes and rainfall. Did the ancestors know more about the the ways of nature than we do? I think so, their very survival hinged on it.

The week following a full moon is the best time to plant any crop who's roots have to survive the winter cold. At this time of year I transplant or plant seed for perennials. In the spring's full moon is when trees and bushes should be planted. In the fall's full moon plant biennuals like the cabbage family, carrots, root vegetables which you plant to harvest for food or seed in the spring.

This is also a good week to prune and trim plants to encourage growth. I like to weed crowded beds during this time, as any vegetable seedlings, that get disturbed during the weeding, can be replanted and still grow well. This is not the case next week when weeding is favorable, the weeds come out easily, but little transplanted seedlings will not grow.

Tonight there will also be a lunar eclipse. Astrologers say this signifies the closing of one door and the opening of another. A time of rebirth, renewal and looking forward. This is true for all, even for you.

Be at peace, let nature take the reins and hold on for a wild ride.


  1. Thanks for the info on new moon -we certainly had a wet spell in an otherwise dry summer (for us)-I planted some more carrots and beets shortly after your new moon post!
    New beginnings... I like that.

  2. A full moon brings babies. I am an NICU nurse and we dread the full moon.

  3. That moon sure was a beauty, too.

    Do you direct sow your perennials or do it in flats?

  4. I sure wish we'd get some of that record rainfall others are experiencing. Seems to be an all or none situation this year.

  5. I agree Sue, there is no reasoning for where the water goes - hope you get some soon.

    Thanks for your input Beverly you certainly know what you are talking about.

    Peace for all