July 31, 2009

Gardening by the Moon - Fall Garden

Right now I am in the middle of planting my fall garden. Lettuces, broccoli, cabbages, chinese vegetables, cauliflower and beans and next week i will plant carrots, turnips and radishes. It is not too late to grow food for the winter. It is not to late to freeze foods for the winter.


  1. Our first frost is expected in several weeks. Do you think I can still get broccoli, and other cold weather crops going?
    I hate our early frosts, because they are usually followed by the most gorgeous weather of the whole summer!
    Have a great weekend, Ruth!

  2. Look for vegetables that are "hardy" in the description. Kale, some lettuce, brassicas, swiss chard, peas, carrots, turnips, parsnips can all take a touch of frost - "tender" plants like beans, peppers and tomatoes are out of the question of course - we get an "indian summer" here too, warm after frost - one year i kept my little garden going until December - have you read the "four season gardener" by Elliot Colman - he keeps a garden going all winter - i tried it and the snow took over, but I was eating from the bed in February - thanks for the visit hope you are well - peace