July 04, 2009

Ruralrose said...

The love of an animal does not die with his body. You will feel him get on the bed, lick your check, or rub under your fingers. Just because we can't see the other realm does not mean it doesn't exist. Just because we think it can't be real, doesn't mean it isn't. The love of a dog, the joy of a dog, is so magically transforming. I am sorry for your loss, the emptiness and sorrow. My first visit here today, hope I haven't poked my nose in where it isn't wanted. Peace for all


  1. Ruth,
    have you read the tearjerking poem by kIpling
    "power of the dog"



  2. Wow - that was so awesome for me!! I am a Kipling fan, having a small collection even, but I have never read that one before. Rejected by parents, as a child, my dog Ginger taught me about love and loyalty. I remember so vividly sitting under a tree reading my green copy of The Jungle Book to her and her nodding as if to say, "yes there is truth here". Bless you sweet heart - peace